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Publisher: sdvig press

Year: 2021

Series: East Asian Journal of Philosophy

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Inaugural Issue East Asian Journal of Philosophy 1, 2021.

Inaugural Issue

East Asian Journal of Philosophy | 1

sdvig press


Call for papers

Avant-propos Andrea Baldini; OCR and minimal TEI markup August 3, 2018, 6:48 pm

1We are proud to announce the launch of a new academic journal, the East Asian Journal of Philosophy (EAJP), jointly sponsored by the School of Philosophy of Renmin University (China) and its Center for Ethical Studies.

2EAJP is an open access, peer-reviewed journal whose aim is to provide a platform for theoretical proposals and discussions both within specific philosophical traditions, and across different traditions. As such, the EAJP is open to all schools of philosophical thinking broadly construed, and proposes itself as a place of expression for scholars from any country world-wide.

3We will publish three issues per year. Several issues will be devoted to specific topics, while at least one issue per year will be open to generic contributions. The first generic issue will be published in Summer 2021.

4The editors invite scholars of any tradition to submit high quality research articles, discussion articles, book reviews, and translations to include in the first issue.

5Review at EAJP is ‘double-blind’ — the identity of authors is not revealed to referees, and vice versa. Papers must be prepared for anonymous review, with revealing acknowledgements and self-identifying references removed. Papers not prepared for anonymous refereeing will not be read. Submissions must not have been published in part or whole, or be under consideration elsewhere.

6For more details and submission guidelines, visit

7EAJP is published by sdvig press under CC-BY Creative Commons Attribution.

Andrea Baldini
Fengyu Zang
Haojun Zhang
Xiao Zhang