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Emmanuel Levinas

(1906 — 1995)


Emmanuel Levinas was a French philosopher of Lithuanian Jewish ancestry who is known for his work related to Jewish philosophy, existentialism, ethics, and ontology.

5 Publications

L'Écriture de l'involontaire

Gérard Bensussan

Classiques Garnier -


In Search of Lost Time is a “search for truth” produced by means of novelistic “writing” alone. Time is the flux traversing “the real, the involuntary, and feeling.

Levinas and analytic philosophy

Michael Fagenblat & Melis Erdur (eds)

Routledge -


This volume examines the relevance of Emmanuel Levinas’s work to recent developments in analytic philosophy. Contemporary analytic philosophers working in metaethics, the philosophy of mind, and the metaphysic of personal identity have argued for views similar to those espoused by Levinas.

Das Ereignis

Lasma Pirktina

Alber -


Das Ereignis stellt ein bedeutsames Thema der gegenwärtigen Philosophie dar. Wir alle kennen Ereignisse – sie ereignen sich mit uns.